Workforce strategy

Our commitment, our approach and our priorities
The Museums Association has a long track record of supporting the museum workforce. We aim to inspire and develop the workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

Our research with our members, and with the sector more broadly, resulted in the following themes to address.


A need to think about accessibility across the board including work patterns and geography.


A need to look more broadly at customer groups and career-stages.


A need to ensure that skills and knowledge gaps are being addressed through the delivery of specific content within our programme.


A need to look at how we deliver content; our platforms, our policies and our products.


A need to ensure that efficiency and efficacy are at the heart of our offer so our members get best value for time, money and investment.

We were able to identify some clear priorities:

1. Person-centred – supporting individuals, from all of our customer groups, to own their professional and career development.

2. Digital development - creating opportunities for flexible, accessible, 24/7, geographically dispersed development and networking.

3. Mentoring and coaching - creating opportunities for deeper exploration and reflection of self and professional practice.

4. Networking and development events - offering learning and development opportunities with other colleagues to learn, share skills and to network.

The strategy is supported by a three year delivery programme. Each year the MA will pilot new programmes to address the research and thus meet the needs of the sector.

Where an evaluation demonstrates a pilot has been successful we aim for it to become part of our core workforce offer.

In addition to these pilots our core workforce offer will also be reviewed and improved during the three year delivery programme.

2017-18 includes piloting Mentoring for All, the Transformers expansion; and a focus on AMA and FMA improvements.

For more information about the strategy or workforce development in general please email