Sticks and Stones: bullying in museums

A research project to tackle bullying in the sector
No sector is free from cases of bullying and this includes museums. Up until now there has been little, if any, research undertaken into bullying within the sector.

In May 2019 the Museums Association (MA) launched Sticks and Stones, a research project to tackle the issue. We received a huge response from people interested in getting involved or who wished to share their experiences.

We have since developed a number of resources to further this research and provide baseline information about the nature, scale and impact of bullying.

Confidential Questionnaire

If you have been affected by bullying or witnessed bullying behaviours and would like to share your experience, please complete this confidential questionnaire.

Before you begin the questionnaire, please read our ethical research statement.

The questionnaire will be open to complete until 17 December 2019. The findings will then be pulled together in early 2020. Our aim is to equip organisations, line managers and individuals to create a culture where bullying is not tolerated, and in instances where it does occur, to address the problem and prevent long-term impacts on individuals and our workplaces.


If you need more support or advice, we have compiled a list of groups, networks and sources currently available to help you.

“We hope that by exploring this area and bringing good and poor practice to light, we will accelerate the development of a safe working environment where staff and volunteers thrive," says Tamsin Russell, professional development officer at the Museums Association.

If you would like any more information on this project, please email

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