Start your career

You don't just have to be passionate about art and objects to work in a museum or art gallery. The focus for museums and galleries is on interpreting collections and opening them up to as many people as possible.

Museums and galleries are increasingly looking to position themselves at the heart of local communities and as a result they call on a range of specialist skills and experience.

There is still a role for what we think of as traditional museum professionals: curators who want to learn more about their collections and conservators who preserve and care for objects. But museums look for many transferable skills and employ a wide variety of other professionals, including educators, craftspeople, designers, technicians, fundraisers and business people.

Museum work is some of the most rewarding work you can do, but there are downsides: the museum sector has been badly hit by funding cuts in recent years, meaning there is always huge competition for jobs.

Most people starting out in a paid role will be educated to degree level and beyond, as well as having many hours of voluntary experience. In spite of this, the pay remains very low in comparison to other skilled professions; ten years into your career you may still be earning under £30,000.

On the upside, the profession needs a regular flow of new blood and you may find yourself with a high level of responsibility early in your career and there are opportunities to work almost anywhere in the country.

So, whether you want to pursue a passion, become actively involved in your community or simply help people have a good time, museums and galleries may have something to offer you.