An all-embracing term for someone with responsibility for a collection of objects, be it paintings, rocks or tools


Conservators are the people that preserve and sometimes restore cultural collections

Education worker

Museum educators work with all ages and should have specialist education skills

Outreach worker

Outreach workers engage with local groups and communities outside the museum

Collections manager

Collections managers ensure objects are cared for, managing storage, conservation and record-keeping

Visitor services

Front of house jobs that involve meeting and greeting, and making sure visitors have a good time


Registrars work mainly in larger museums and record information about objects

Documentation officer

Documentation officers record information about the function and provenance of objects

Exhibitions officer

Exhibition specialists organise, set up and sometimes buy in exhibitions to the museum or gallery

Museum/gallery assistant

Assistants help maintain gallery security, answer visitor queries and generally help out


Photographers can have a range of roles, from documenting collections to manipulating digital images


Fundraisers should demonstrate an understanding of the way the museums sector is funded