Professional development for my staff

Support your staff's CPD
As an employer you can support your staff by committing yourself to their professional development. This will bring wider benefits to your organisation as staff become more skilled and motivated.

You can support your staff by:

· encouraging them to undertake professional development 

· offering financial assistance by setting aside some of your budget for professional development, an important and worthwhile investment

· allowing them time away from work to spend on their development

· tying professional development to work plans and discussing professional development in staff appraisals.
The AMA enables Plymouth City Museums and Art Gallery to support the professional development of our staff in a way that is recognised across the sector."
Jonathan Wilson, collections manager, Plymouth City Museums and Art Gallery

In return you will have staff that:

· are more productive, enthusiastic and motivated

· have increased skills and knowledge

· are more confident and able to deal with new situations and tasks

· have increased job satisfaction and morale

· receive professional recognition for their development

· are more willing to stay with your organisation

· are developed in a cost-effective way

· have good sector connections and share knowledge of best practice

The MA is committed to raising standards in the sector, and can support you and your staff through its highly-respected professional development schemes.

To discuss how your organisation can become involved, please email: