Mentoring for All

Pilot mentoring scheme
Mentoring For All is a pilot project that looks to develop a new model for mentoring for the sector.

Funded by Arts Council England and led by the Museums Association the pilot builds on cross-sector research into best practice.

Across England and Scotland 19 mentoring relationships are now taking place and these will continue until the end of November before the pilot is evaluated.

Tamsin Russell, the Museums Association's professional development officer, says: "This project is so exciting because everything is up for grabs in terms of our learning; our learning about the selection process, matching process, training and resources; as well as the supervision element that has not been formally included before in mentoring of this type.

"Supervision is a proactive way to support mentors during their relationships – it enables them to reflect on their own competence, share experiences, seek advice and generally support each other.

"This is how we ensure that our mentees are receiving effective mentoring – mentoring is a skill in its own right so to have well trained and supervised mentors working within the sector is something that can only address some of the issues highlighted in the Character Matters report in 2016."

Following the summative evaluation, a full project report will be published to enable organisations to adopt this new model, and there is hope that with additional funding a second larger cohort can experience this approach.

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