Joanna Jones FMA

Case study
“Actively plans, acts and reflects on personal and professional development.”

Joanna Jones FMA, director of museums & galleries, Canterbury Museums and Galleries

Undertaking the FMA between 2006 and 2009 had a profound effect upon the way I work. My learning style was wholehearted activist, learning from having an experience and throwing myself into a project or task.

As a result of undertaking a focused programme of CPD I became a combination of reflector and activist, planning activities in a targeted way to achieve the strongest outcomes and reflecting upon learning experiences and my professional experience to inform future plans.

This approach has served me very well at work and I have instilled this style of working into the fantastic team which I manage. Last September we opened the revitalised, extended and restored Beaney House of Art and Knowledge on Canterbury High Street. The new art museum has been a huge success and has been a huge and exciting learning curve for the team.

I lead the Beaney Programming Group and have developed evaluation of exhibitions, community engagement and learning which informs planning for the future programme. This method has been adopted by the whole team who are also reflecting upon how this process enhances their professional development.

The FMA also gave me the space to me reflect upon team empowerment, encouraging the team to lead their own areas; this has created an empowered culture and enables Canterbury Museums and Galleries to achieve so much more by utilizing people’s individual skills and experience.