Isabel Churcher FMA

Case study
“Contributes to the development of others as a mentor and/or by participating in a peer learning network.”

Isabel Churcher FMA, relationship manager, museums, West Midlands, Arts Council England

I passionately believe in finding ways of supporting colleagues in the sector, as key individuals have provided guidance for me over the years I have worked in museums. 

I have been a mentor as part of the Museums Association’s AMA award from the very beginning, as this was an effective way of assisting the development of staff outside of any organisations I have worked in. 

I have done my best to provide appropriate support through the scheme, whether that is professional guidance, emotional support or playing devil’s advocate to stimulate debate. Through the scheme, I have met some stimulating colleagues, and I often feel I learn just as much as they learn through the mentoring situation.

It is wonderful to see AMA candidates blossoming after their two or three years and then to meet up with them later on, usually in different and more challenging roles.

To support my CPD Plus, I have been an active member of a peer learning network in the Midlands.  This has been very helpful to stimulate structured development after doing the FMA, and it encourages mutual support. 

This group is currently going through change as members leave for new jobs, and it is a good time to rethink the group and appropriate members. So if anyone in the midlands is interested in joining a peer learning network after finishing their FMA, do please contact me.