Gaby Porter FMA

Case study
“Learns from others – both within and beyond the cultural sector.”

Gaby Porter FMA, independent consultant, Gaby Porter & Associates

I have learned from others in so many ways: from their wisdom and insights, from what they have done, are doing and hope to do in the future; but most of all from ‘learning them’ – being in the presence of people who are passionate, energetic, generous, self-aware; who are interested in others and curious about their world.

Learning across boundaries, ranging across different disciplines and domains, challenges our expectations and assumptions, and offers new perspectives. Learning from others in these wider contexts, I have been able to make huge breakthroughs and surprising connections. These in turn have become a source and resource for others, through mentoring, facilitating, advising, coaching, participating on boards.

Most of all, I value learning with others – coming together with colleagues, clients and friends when we have a forward focus and a few powerful questions to open up our thinking: these conversations generate new possibilities and carry them through into practical agendas for action. I learn more about others in the process, and about myself.

It seems a strange quality to specify, as I can’t imagine not learning from others!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi