AMA support groups

Reflective, collaborative learning to enhance your career
The AMA support groups provide an opportunity to network with other people undertaking the AMA.  

They help you connect and learn from peers as well as providing you with an opportunity to develop skills.

There are a number of regional support groups that meet regularly to support your AMA journey.

Each AMA support group is different – meeting the particular needs of the group members at that time.

Some meet monthly. Some meet quarterly. Some meet in the same venue every time. Some rotate and visit different museums. Some invite guest speakers. Some discuss ethical issues.

All help you connect, develop and feel supported.

You can attend the AMA support group that meets your needs, anywhere in the UK. 

To find your local support group, and learn about support group events in your area, please choose the group nearest to you:




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Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire


East Midlands

West Midlands

East of England

West England and South Wales


North East England

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

If you have any queries, or would like to create a new support group, please email: