Self review

Reflective, collaborative learning to enhance your career
The AMA is the longest running professional development programme in the sector, widely acclaimed by the workforce and employers.

After signing up, the first step in your AMA journey is to complete a self review. This helps us to support you on your AMA journey and helps you begin to scope out your continuing professional development (CPD) plan.

The self review is divided into four competency headings:

1. Understanding the sector
2. Public engagement and benefit
3. Stewardship of collections
4. Individual and institutional integrity

It should take you no more than 2-5 hours to complete.

The review asks you to reflect on your career and professional practice, which is designed to establish your level of competence and experience. This will be classified as emerging, established or outstanding.

At the start of your AMA journey you don’t need to have anything other than an emerging level of professional competence.

If you do not, we will provide you with support and sign posting to continue your development to the required level of competence.

For more information please read the Frequently Asked Questions and the additional guidance and look at the self review template.

If you have any other questions, please email