Choosing a mentor

Helping you navigate your AMA journey
The AMA is the longest running professional development programme in the sector, widely acclaimed by the workforce and employers.

One of the most important elements is the provision of a mentor.

Once you have registered your first next step is to identify a mentor.

The Museums Association will send you a list of current mentors and we recommend you reflect on what role you want your mentor to play. To help you we have developed a presentation to help you.

Your AMA mentor will help you navigate your AMA journey and support your development.

The relationship lasts for the duration of your AMA and you will meet with your mentor four times a year.

To have an effective mentoring relationship mentors and mentees must have a clear understanding of the mentoring process and have shared expectations of the relationship. This is developed through the first mentor conversation where you will discuss your mentoring agreement and sign it off.

We have over 160 AMA mentors supporting our AMA candidates but if you need any other advice or support please do not hesitate to contact us

Links and downloads

Choosing a mentor (pdf)

AMA mentoring agreement (word)