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Access (pdf)

Accounting Standards Board discussion paper on heritage assets: can accounting do better? (05/06)

Accounting Standards Board: Financial Reporting Exposure [Draft], Accounting for Heritage Assets (04/07)

Accreditation: Response to MLA Accreditation consultation (word)

Acquisition (pdf)

AHRC: Consultation on Arts and Humanities Research Council strategy for 2007-2012 (08/06)

AMA: introduction and registration (pdf)
AMA: paperwork

AMA: resources

AMA: mentoring resources

Annual Report 2009/10

Annual Report 2008/09

Annual Report 2007/08

Annual Report 2006/07

Annual Report 2005/06

Annual Report 2004/05

Annual Report 2003/04

Annual Report 2002/03

Anti-seizure: Department for Culture, Media and Sport consultation paper on anti-seizure legislation (06/06)

Arts Taskforce consultation document (07/07)


Buying in the market (pdf)


Closure: legal and ethical issues (2017, pdf)

Code of ethics large print (04/08, pdf)

Côd Moeseg ar gyfer Amgueddfeydd (Welsh language version of the code of ethics, 02/09, word)

Collections Development Strategy Consultation: MA response to NIMC (02/09)

Collections for the Future (02/05, pdf)

Collections Knowledge Consultation (2008)

Collections Knowledge Consultation: responses (2008)

Collections: Making better use of museum collections: a report to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (word)

Collections for the Future: consultation document used during the inquiry (pdf)

Collections for the Future: two years on, part of Making Collections Effective (10/07, pdf)

Collections: Interim report of the working group on collecting (word)

Collections: Interim report of the working group on the use of collections (word)

Collections: long loans and disposals, benchmark study (08/07, pdf)

Combating Illicit Trade (10/05, pdf)

Consultants: Working With Consultants (01/03, pdf)

Contemporary art: response to the draft National Strategy for Public Collections of Contemporary Art

CPA: the Audit Commission's proposals for Comprehensive Performance Assessment from 2005 regarding museums within cultural services that local authorities provide (02/05)

Creative Partnerships (02/03, pdf)

Culture (Scotland) Bill (draft), Consultation Document (03/07)

Cultural Heritage Blueprint (pdf)

Cultural Metropolis: the Mayor's Priorities for Culture 2009-2012 - MA response

Cultural services: Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA): an Emerging Self-Improvement Strategy for Cultural Services (05/06)

Culture, Media and Sport Committee: protecting, preserving and making accessible our nation's heritage (01/06)

Culture, Media and Sport Committee: Tourism Inquiry (03/07)


DCMS paper: Understanding the Future, Priorities for England's Museums (01/07)

DCMS paper: Understanding the Future: Museums and 21st Century Life - The Value of Museums (07/05)

DCMS response to select committee on arts funding (pdf, 07/11)

Disposal toolkit (pdf, 2014)

Disposal toolkit appendix (pdf, 2014)

Disposal toolkit [Welsh] (pdf, 2014)

Disposal toolkit appendix [Welsh] (pdf, 2014)

Disposal digest (pdf)

Disposal - old guidelines (pdf)

Disposal consultation (pdf, 11/06)

Disposal consultation: changes to code of ethics (pdf, 06/07)

Disposal: public attitude research by Freshminds (word, 01/07)

Disposal research (01/07, word)

Diversify: Cultural Heritage Blueprint - workforce development plan for cultural heritage in the UK (2008, pdf)

Diversify: evaluation by the Museums Association (pdf, 06/04)

Diversify: evaluation by MLA (pdf, 06/04)

Diversify Toolkit (pdf)

Diversity: Valuing Diversity: The Case For Inclusive Museums (07/2016, pdf)


Education: overview

Education: opening the doors

Education: submission to the inquiry of the Education and Skills Committee into Education outside the Classroom (10/04)

Effective collections: benchmark study of UK museum long loan and disposal activity (07/07, pdf)

Effective collections: Collections for People project, University College London (2008, pdf)

Effective collections: Making Collections Effective (10/07, pdf)

Effective collections: programme 2009-12 (pdf)

Effective collections: Sharing Collections project (2007, pdf)

Effective collections: single loans administration (10/07, pdf)

Effective collections: Smarter Loans draft principles (07/10, word)

Effective collections: summary of learning points from pilot projects with museums (2009, word)

Effective collections: Unlocking Local Treasure, Local Government Association (2008, pdf)

Entry to the museum workforce: Tomorrow's People

Exporting for Suppliers and Consultants (??/??, word)


Free admission to museums: overview

Freedom of Information Act (07/04, MDA website)

Frequently asked questions

Funding: government response to select committee report on funding of arts and heritage (06/11) (pdf)


Gift Aid Consultation (10/07)

Gift Aid report by Tourism South East (05/07, word)

Goodison Review: Saving Art for the Nation (??/??)


Heritage change programme framework

Human remains: overview

Human Tissue Authority's consultation on the Code of Practice for Public Display (of human remains) (06/06)

Human remains: consultation on the draft code of conduct for the Care of Human Remains in Museums (07/05)

Human remains: DCMS consultation on human remains (10/04)

Human remains: consultation on guidelines on treatment of Christian burials in archaeological projects (06/04)


Illicit trade: overview

Illicit trade: Evidence submitted to an inquiry by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on the illicit trade in cultural property (??/??)

International museums organisations

Internships guidelines (pdf)


Loans agreement guidance (pdf, 10/07)

Local Area Agreements: Response to MLA consultation document, Securing Excellence; delivering for communities (07/07)

Long loans and disposal: benchmark study (pdf, 07/07)

Lottery funding: Heritage Lottery Fund, Museums and Galleries Collections Development Initiative Consultation (01/07)

Lottery funding: Department for Culture, Media and Sport consultation on national lottery money for arts and film, sport and heritage from 2009 (02/06)

Lottery funding: Our heritage, our future: pre-consultation on the third strategic plan, Heritage Lottery Fund (02/06)

Lottery funding: DCMS proposed changes to the way national lottery funding is distributed (10/03)

Lottery funding: Big Lottery Fund consultation on funding priorities (??/??)

...Love Museums: facts and figures for communities and museums (2010, pdf)
...Love Museums: facts and figures for collections and museums (2010, pdf)

...Love Museums: facts and figures for Renaissance in the Regions and museums (2010, pdf)

...Love Museums: facts and figures for tourists and museums (2010, pdf)


Making Collections Effective (07/07, pdf)

Measuring socially engaged practice: a toolkit for museums (03/18, pdf)

Measuring socially engaged practice - large print version (word)

Monument Fellowships: Capturing Collections Knowledge report (pdf)

Monument Fellowships: FAQs (word)

Monument Fellowships: resources

.museum (10/03, pdf)

Museums Journal

Museum Practice

Museums Manifesto 2019

Museums Taskforce Report and Recommendations (02/18, pdf)

Museums Taskforce Statement on Funding in England (02/18, pdf)

Museums Taskforce Statement on Funding in Wales (02/18, pdf)

Museums Taskforce statement on Funding in Scotland (02/18, pdf)

Museums Taskforce statement on Funding in Northern Ireland (02/18, pdf)

Museums and Galleries Yearbook

Museum Services Directory


Nations: The Museums Association and the Nations

National Lottery: Memorandum of evidence for House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee: 'Reform of the National Lottery' (??/??)

National Trust/English Heritage Avebury Reburial Consultation: MA response

News archive




Regional assemblies: consultation on proposals to devolve responsibility for various aspects of culture from DCMS to the Elected Regional Assemblies (??/??)

Renaissance in the Regions

Renaissance review

Renaissance review: MA response to MLA Consultation


Salary Guidelines (pdf, 2009)

Salary Guidelines (pdf, 2008)

Salary Guidelines (pdf, 2007)

Salary Guidelines (pdf, 2006)

Scottish Human Tissue (Scotland) Bill (09/05)

Scottish significance: A Significance Recognition Scheme for Non-National Museums and Galleries in Scotland (07/05)

Scottish cultural entitlement: the second phase of consultation on cultural entitlement and institutional frameworks in Scotland (01/05)

Scottish cultural commission: phase 1 of the consultation process, Cultural Commission, Scotland (09/04)

Scottish Executive Regional Development Challenge Fund: draft for consultation (11/03)

Service Assessment Frameworks: supporting comprehensive performance assessment for single tier and county councils from 2005 to 2008 (07/05)

Shaping the way ahead: Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills Informal Adult Learning

Ships: DCMS consultation on the protection of historic ships (10/03)

Simple loans administration (10/07, pdf)

Spoliation: Nazi loot in museums

Statement: Repatriation of cultural property (09/06)

Statement: museum sales and valuation events (03/04, pdf)

Statement: Southampton City Council proposes sale of art works (08/09, word)

Stealing history (12/00, pdf)

Stuart Davies: speech to Associaton of Cultural Enterprise (02/09, word)

Sustainability and Museums discussion paper (pdf)

Sustainability and Museums: Report of consultation (pdf)

Sustainability and Museums: introductory leaflet (pdf)

Sustainability and Museums Checklist (word)


The Tomorrow People: Entry to the museum workforce - summary (04/07, pdf)

The Tomorrow People: Entry to the museum workforce - full report, excluding appendices (04/07, pdf)

The Tomorrow People: appendix 1. Museum Studies courses 2005/06: report of a survey (04/07, pdf)

The Tomorrow People: appendix 2. Selected comments from individuals and employers (04/07, pdf)

The Tomorrow People: appendix 3. Advice to individuals (04/07, pdf)

Trading and commercial activities (pdf)

Treasure Act (01/03, pdf)


University museums: AHRC strategy for supporting and sustaining high quality research in the UK's museums, galleries, libraries and archives (03/06)

University museums: the report on the Arts and Humanities Research Board's Support of University Museums and Galleries (09/04)

Unlocking local treasure (17/03, pdf)


Valuing Diversity: The Case For Inclusive Museums (07/2016, pdf)


Wales: Response to consultation on The National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Culture and other fields) Order 2009

Wales: A museum strategy for Wales - consultation response (word)