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MA calls for AMA professional reviewers

Patrick Steel, 25.07.2018
Opportunity for members to extend networks and continue their professional development
The Museums Association (MA) is calling for members to become professional reviewers of its professional development award, the Associateship of the Museums Association (AMA).

Professional reviewers assess fellow museum professionals who are completing the award against an agreed level of competence.

To apply to be an AMA professional reviewer you must be an individual member of the MA, have worked in the sector for a minimum of 10 years, have mentored on the AMA and have good up to date knowledge of the museum landscape.

Prospective professional reviewers will be required to undertake a training workshop in London in the autumn and take part in a professional review as a shadow professional reviewer.

Professional reviewers are expected to participate in two to three professional review dates per performance year.

Becoming a professional reviewer has a range of benefits, from extending your network, enabling you to meet new members of the sector and continuing to develop your own professional practice.

“Being a professional reviewer for the AMA is a great way to support the sector and the future workforce,” says Tamsin Russell, the MA’s professional development officer.

“Building on your mentoring experience and assessing against the clear AMA criteria enables you to see the process from beginning to end.

“We hope that a number of our existing mentors will become professional reviewers and so if the idea of being a mentor is also of interest to you email me and we can have a conversation.”

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