Fashion Cities Africa at Brighton Pavilion & Museums, which used the Transformers programme to innovate its digital programme, inviting young people to document the show on Instagram.

Last call for Transformers: Innovate applications

Patrick Steel, 24.01.2017
Deadline to apply for programme falls this Friday
The Museums Association (MA) is urging anyone considering its Transformers: Innovate programme to get their application in before the deadline at midday this Friday.

Transformers: Innovate is for people working in an Accredited museum who have a new or risky idea for change that they would like to test out. Participants will receive full funding and extended support to develop, test and implement a radical change project over 12 months.

They will be assigned a project coach for the duration of the programme, and will be given the chance to pitch for micro-funding of £2,500 for the implementation of their project.

Katy Swift, the project coordinator for the Transformers Programme, said: "Transformers: Innovate is a tried and tested programme that has delivered transformative results for previous participants.

"With the current challenges and demands of working in the sector this is a key moment to participate in a fully funded programme that offers professional development, peer support, and ideas-sharing networks as well as micro funding to realise change and try new activity.

"It is vital that the sector becomes networked and better supported to make the changes needed over the next few years.

"Transformers can be a perfect platform for this and can be built into participants' current work activity as a way of delivering their goals and objectives for 2017-18.

"I would encourage people to reach out, apply, and begin their journey."

Transformers: Innovate is open to applicants from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who work in an Accredited museum. It is not open to freelancers.

The deadline for the MA's other Transformers programmes, Transformers: Influence and Transformers: Diversify, is 28 February.

Transformers is funded by Arts Council England, Museums Galleries Scotland, The Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales, National Museums Northern Ireland, and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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