Advance your career with Moving On Up

Rebecca Atkinson and Patrick Steel, 16.12.2013
Grants available to attend MA conference
The full programme for the Museums Association’s (MA) one-day conference aimed at museum professionals in the first five years of their career is now online.

Moving on up: The secrets of a successful museum career will take place on 6 February 2014 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (Mosi).

Attendees will have a valuable opportunity to network with peers and senior museum professionals, discuss the challenges of the current jobs market, learn new skills and build on their professional development.

The event aims to help people increase their confidence, meet new contacts and find out about innovative and creative ways of getting ahead rather than just relying on traditional career paths.

Speakers include Richard Wilson, author of the anti-hero report, Tom Andrews, chief executive of People United, and Kristin Hussey and Terri Dendy, founders of the Ministry of Curiosity.

There will also be practical roundtable workshops on how to pitch yourself, career mapping and leadership skills.

A number of senior museum professionals will attend on the day and take part in a speed mentoring session.

David Fleming, Maggie Appleton and Rowan Brown will lead a provocation discussion on what makes a radical workforce.

And Kate Brindley, Graham Boxer and Katy Archer will take part in a Q&A discussion about progressing from entry level jobs to leading an organisation.

There will be numerous opportunities to network with colleagues, potential employers and MA staff.

Click for full programme and list of senior museum attendees (word)

Delegates can book online or download a booking form, but places are limited so be sure to book early.

You can follow this event on Twitter at #MOU2014.

Click here for more information and to book


The Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales offers grants of up to £100 for professional training and conference attendance.

The Scottish Museums Federation has grants of up to £200 for professional development.

Those in need of financial help to attend this event in England are also strongly encouraged to contact the local museum development officer for their region – some federations and museum development organisations can help with funding for training.


We said that the Association of Independent Museums' training grants scheme was open from January 2014, but have since been advised that AIM has changed its scheme and will now be awarding funding quarterly, so funding will not be available for this event.


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Patrick Steel
MA Member
Website Editor, Museums Association
17.12.2013, 15:41
We have tried to keep costs down as MOU is a completely not-for-profit event.

As an independent membership body we have to cover direct costs but we strive to strike the right balance between genuinely useful, professional events with the lowest possible fees. We hope £75 is a worthwhile career investment.

We would urge anyone in need of financial assistance to attend the event to contact their museum development officer, or if applicable, to apply for one of the grants detailed above.
MA Member
17.12.2013, 11:52
I think it's very disappointing that this conference is so expensive, it may not seem like much but those of us just starting out are in low paid jobs and trying to pay back the loans we took out for our postgraduate and it's a big ask. I'm disappointed that my bank balance and not my potential or my hard work dictate my ability to access such opportunities.