Plans shelved for Port Talbot street art museum

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 13.06.2019
Banksy owner says process was a “disaster from day one”
Plans have been scrapped to create a museum in Port Talbot to display the Banksy mural that appeared in the south Wales town just before Christmas. 
The art dealer John Brandler, who bought the Season’s Greetings artwork earlier this year and recently had it moved to a building in the town centre, blamed council bureaucracy for the failure of the project.

He said Neath Port Talbot Council had initially offered him three units in the same building for the museum, before shrinking the space to one unit in the final contract. He also said that he had not been able to gain access to the building. 

Brandler told local media: "How can I put 25 or 30 pieces of art in a building I am not allowed in? I am now going to concentrate on my own business, rather than fighting people that do not want to work with me.

“The whole thing has been a disaster from day one."

Brandler said he would honour his commitment to loan the artwork to the town for the next two years. The council said it was looking to find a more suitable venue for the artwork and still hoped to develop a gallery or museum proposal around it.

A council spokesman told the BBC: “We will do our best to bring this to fruition.”

The mural, which was painted on two sides of a garage belonging to a local steelworker, can be viewed at the Ty’r Orsaf building between 8am and 8pm.