Waltham Forest to open new exhibition space

Simon Stephens, 06.02.2020
Project builds on Borough of Culture legacy
Waltham Forest Council has unveiled an exhibition space for modern and contemporary art that is building on its time as London’s first Borough of Culture last year. 

The One Hoe Street Gallery is opening this weekend with an exhibition that runs until 26 April and features the recently rediscovered archives of DANAD Design, a collective of painters, designers and architects who were active in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

The group was set up by textile designer Barry Daniels (DAN) and illustrator Tom Adams (AD), who were joined by artists Robin Denny and Bernard Cohen, graphic designer Edward Wright, architects Peter Adams and Colin Huntley and, most notably, pop-artist Peter Blake. 

One Hoe Street Gallery is being programmed by the team at the William Morris Gallery, which is a five-minute walk away and is owned and operated by Waltham Forest Council.

“Being the first London Borough of Culture was a brilliant experience and we wanted to look at how we could harness all that energy, enthusiasm and ambition,” said Louise Fitton, the head of museum, gallery and archive at Waltham Forest Council. 

“The space at One Hoe Street was an opportunity to do something right in the heart of Waltham Forest and also reach out beyond the borough and attract people from London and further afield by holding high quality shows that have a local story but also national and international appeal.” 

The majority of the works in DANAD Design: 1958-1962 were found five years ago in the basement of Marden Hill, a Georgian country house in Hertfordshire where the collective was founded. The discovery was made by Mark Daniels, the son of the group’s co-founder.