The Duke of Rutland plans to sell Ordination by 17th-century artist Nicolas Poussin

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Issue 110/10, p7, 01.10.2010
Survey backs government - Ordination to be sold - Aberdeen focuses on oil - Northern Ireland's loss

Survey backs government

A survey has reflected the government’s approach to arts funding, with two-thirds of British adults saying the visual-arts sector’s income should come from private donors rather than the public purse. A fifth of the 2,022 participants said arts projects should not receive any government funding. The poll was commissioned by the organisers of the Threadneedle visual-arts prize.

Ordination to be sold

A painting by the 17th-century artist Nicolas Poussin is to be auctioned at Christie’s on 7 December. Ordination is one of five works in a series called The Sacraments, which have been on loan to London’s National Gallery from the Duke of Rutland since 2002. It is estimated that the painting will sell for between £15m and £20m.

Aberdeen focuses on oil

A series of exhibition spaces devoted to the history of Britain’s oil and gas industry is set to open at Aberdeen Maritime Museum in the next 18 months. The £360,000 project, which involves redeveloping the museum’s education suite, is funded by several leading oil companies. Sections will focus on the North Sea environment, and oil and gas exploration.

Northern Ireland’s loss

Northern Ireland culture minister Nelson McCausland has revealed that National Museums Northern Ireland has misplaced objects worth more than £50,000 over the past eight years. A museum spokesman said: “The vast majority of the lost items have been minor and replaceable, and include items such as spectacles and a lamp.”