World news digest

Compiled by Rob Sharp, 01.09.2018
France: The skull of an Australian solider who died in the first world war and whose head was previously displayed in an American medical museum has been buried with the rest of his remains in France. The soldier died in an American military hospital from wounds following a 1917 battle. His remains were donated without the permission of his family, and are being returned following a successful media campaign.

Greece: The National Archaeological Museum
in Athens has marked its 150th anniversary by creating scented oils based on those used in ancient Greece, for its Countless Aspects of Beauty exhibition. The project is the result of 18 months’ research on sources including ancient scripts and plants found in the Greek countryside to create smells employing rose, coriander and sage.

Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Museum of Art has received more than 300 valuable paintings and pieces of calligraphy. The collection, most of which comes from the Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties and worth more than £37m, was donated by the philanthropic organisation Chih Lo Lou Art Promotion.

US: A tyrannosaurus rex skeleton is the focal point of the new fossil hall at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, which reopened in June. It is the first dinosaur skeleton to be added to the hall since 1981.

Compiled by Rob Sharp. Seen in the Guardian, Washington Post and Hong Kong Standard