The National Manuscripts Conservation Trust offers grants of up to £10,000. Image (c) University of Southampton

Funding news

Geraldine Kendall Adams, 01.01.2019
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The National Manuscripts Conservation Trust is the UK’s only grant provider focused solely on the conservation of manuscripts.  

The trust offers grants for the conservation and preservation of manuscripts and archives, and welcomes applications from non-national institutions, including museums, county record offices, university archives, and cathedral archives and libraries.  

Applications can be made to conserve individual items or entire collections, and the funding covers conservation time and materials, binding and other preservation measures. Digitisation is covered if part of a wider conservation project. Projects with a training element are particularly welcome. Grants tend to be between £1,000 and £20,000, and the current funding round closes for applications on 1 April.  

Meanwhile, the Museums Association (MA) plans to introduce three annual rounds for the Benevolent Fund (including the Trevor Walden Trust). Applications to the fund are currently considered on an ad hoc basis, but deadlines will be introduced after 31 March. These will be announced in due course but are likely to fall at the end of May, September and January.  

The fund – a merger of two previously separate MA funds – offers grants for the relief of poverty, to alleviate financial distress of MA members or their dependants, or for the advancement of education and training of students participating in the MA’s professional development programmes and events.