Plot lines
 Off the charts

Museums are drawing on technology to bring maps to life, allowing them to connect the past with the present

Myths and legends

From deconstructing Jewish stereotypes to an eco-friendly gallery termite mound, the 2019 Museums Change Lives awards recognised museums that are making a difference

All fired up

Sarah Hardy, the curator-manager of the De Morgan Foundation, tells Eleanor Mills what ignited her passion for arts and crafts

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Experience, Beaurains, Arras, France

Simon Stephens goes behind the scenes of the work being done to commemorate those who died in the world wars

Museum of… The Hockey Museum, Woking

This venue scores highly in its efforts to celebrate the history of the game

Trendswatch | Immersive experiences

Venues are going all out to captivate the senses and emotions of their audiences

Best in show

Silver trencher plate, 1681-82, made in the workshop of Mary King and owned by diarist Samuel Pepys, Museum of London