When almost half of FoH staff feel undervalued, we need to ask why

William Tregaskes, 10.04.2019
Help us complete the FoHMuseums survey 2019
FoHMuseums was created to celebrate and advocate for the brilliant work front-of-house (FoH) staff do every day. An intrinsic part of our work is understanding what FoH is and how people feel. In 2018 we surveyed 197 people for our 2018 FoHMuseums Survey: 52% identified as FoH, 35% as back of house (BoH).

Our results highlighted how defining FoH is to the museum sector. Of those surveyed, 85% had worked in FoH at some point in their career – for 64%, it was their first museum job. Those in FoH are more likely to identify as being at the start of their career (70%), while only 37% of BoH staff identified as such.

People’s experiences in FoH define their museum careers. This is why when 49% of those we surveyed working in FoH feel undervalued, we have to ask questions – particularly as only 12% of BoH staff feel undervalued.

We know the limitations of 197 responses, which is why we are launching FoHMuseums survey 2019 to increase our data, demonstrate if we are witnessing any change, and ask: do people feel more valued? Are perceptions of what is FoH changing?

We need you to help. This survey is for everyone, not just FoH but anyone involved in the museum sector. Please answer our 10 questions and share the survey to help it reach as wide a possible audience as we can make it. The survey will run until the end of April.