Young Voices

Young people share their experiences of working on advisory panels and projects such as Takeover Day

Wonderful world

How the youth group runs events for Manchester Museum. By Izzy Collican

Duty bound

Takeover Day at Chelmsford Museum was a success, despite some small hiccups. By Jacob Siriwardena

London calling

The benefits of being involved in Takeover Day at the Museum of London Docklands. By Peter McCartney

Community events

Programming responsive and engaging activities for young people at the Geffrye Museum. By Shakeel Akram

Confidence boost

How youth panels create an environment of equality, tolerance and respect. By Samir Akram

Profile raising

Making the museum’s marketing material more youth friendly. By Jayne Woolcott

History lessons

The attractions of being a youth adviser at London’s Imperial War Museum. By Elana Kaymer

Global concerns

Creating a permanent gallery to display Brighton Museum’s world collections. By Becky Johnson

Unearthing treasure

Attracting more young people to Leeds City Museum. By Stephanie Webb, Verity Smith and Helen Davies

Show business

Mind the Map provided a focus for young consultants at London Transport Museum. By Kway Mokgalagadi, Elvis Miranda, Gloria Gaspard and Izara Louise

Object lessons

Research into collection was a central part of the youth panel’s work at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. By Jessica Thornton