Photo credit: Daria Zharova, Dmitry Belov

Museum Club

Anna Mikhailova, 13.12.2017
Regular meetings enable professionals in Russia to share knowledge and network
Museum Club is a regular seminar held in Moscow where Russian museum professionals meet to discuss current projects, museological texts and share news from various conferences.

It was launched in May 2016, and since then 16 meetings have taken place every two months in various museums and the ZIL Culture Center. The goal of Museum Club is to provide friendly space for sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences. It became a natural continuation of the Twitter-based networking initiative #drinkingaboutmuseums.

We use a Facebook group to manage meetings, decide what topics to discuss and share  articles and books with other members.

Every meeting is live streamed so that colleagues from other cities can join the conversation. All videos are available on YouTube.

Another good networking tool is a monthly newsletter called Museum in a Digital Age, which aims to raise awareness of digital initiatives and projects in the museum sector. Most newsletters include one or two guest blog posts, as well as a list of links with brief comments.

Anna Mikhailova is the digital education coordinator at the State Historical Museum in Moscow, Russia