Networking at the start of your career

Hollie Davison, 13.12.2017
A case study from the Resilience Syndicate internship programme
The Resilience Syndicate project, which ran from November 2016 to November 2017, created six paid internship roles to work alongside six partner museums across the East Midlands.

Networking was a key part of the interns’ on-the-job training, as it is a vital skill for anyone in sector.

The interns were given the opportunity to network at a variety of events, from Tweet ups to conferences. As the interns progressed through their scheme, they developed their own networking styles, and gained experience representing themselves and their employers at events.

Learning points from our training programme include:

  • Giving staff the knowledge to allow them to discuss their work with others.
  • Pairing interns with a more experience member of staff is an effective way of growing confidence.
  • Managers and other colleagues should lead by example, by speaking to new people while out and about.
  • Encouraging staff members to talk to as many people as possible at an event allows them to push themselves a little bit more to talk to the most people.

Networking top tips:
  • If you have a delegate list, take a look before you go and think about who you might want to talk to. Watch for inspirational techniques and see if you can build them into your own style.  
  • All the training in the world will never be the same as actually getting out to talk to people.

Hollie Davison, Project Manager, Culture Syndicates. More information on the programme is available on its blog.