Staff hang Pieter Brueghel the Younger's The Procession to Calvary at the National Gallery. Photographer Simon Rawles.

Put your career questions to the expert

Rebecca Atkinson, 16.01.2014
Career advice from Charlotte Holmes, museum development officer at the MA
Are qualifications overrated? What are employers looking for? How can you progress up the career ladder when jobs are being cut?

Whatever your question, you can put it to an expert in Museum Practice’s new monthly feature Ask the Expert.

For the February edition, Charlotte Holmes, museum development officer at the Museums Association, will be answering your questions on career development.

Email or share your questions in the comment box below by 7 February.

The questions and answers will be published in MP on 17 February.


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Charlotte Holmes
MA Member
Museum Development Officer, Museums Association
15.07.2014, 16:12
Hi Christopher, the AMA is open to anyone working in or for museum. It is self directed and with the support of a mentor it should help you develop the skills you need to achieve your future career aspirations. Please give me a call 02075667860, and I can tell you more about the scheme.
christopher aspen
Room keeper,guide, Holburne Museum
14.07.2014, 21:26
How can I start AMA from nothing ,is it paid training and I don't have a degree in this
Sophie Arnold
MA Member
Volunteer, Museum of the Order of St John
17.02.2014, 16:51
Hello, my questions is as follows
I have been in the Building Industry for nearly 12 years and want to change to the museum sector and I know jobs are in short supply and also at present I volunteer at two local museum to get some experience front of house and galley assistant. First do I need a degree before anyone will look at me and can I do a distance learning one and lastly which one. A lot of questions and is there a place where you can have a one to one about this .Thanks
MA Member
09.02.2014, 19:18
Hello, My question is, if there is a particular area of museum work you are looking to work in, but it is taking a while to get a job within that field, is it better to get a museum job to get a start within the sector and then try and move into your field. Or is is better career wise to attempt to get the job in the field you want?
05.02.2014, 11:37

Is it possible for a primary school teacher to cross over from classroom based teaching to teaching in some capacity in a museum? I have a good Science/Natural History knowledge.
Thank you.
31.01.2014, 11:26
What advice would you give to a young museum professional who has just arrived in Britain from another EU country? What do you think is the best way to get into the sector when your whole experience has taken place abroad?
MA Member
29.01.2014, 21:23
What advice can you offer in using social media to look for museum/heritage jobs?
MA Member
19.01.2014, 13:40
What happens when you leave the museum sector - as so many are with job cuts, etc. How relevant and transportable is an MA in Museum Studies - and an AMA for that matter?
Kayleigh Scott
Collections Intern, Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura
17.01.2014, 13:55
How important is it to have an MA in something like Museums Studies? Will it be possible to have a progressive and successful career in the sector without one, or would it make it difficult to even get shortlisted for job interviews without the MA?