Institutional membership

Become an institutional member to help shape the future of museums and equip your workforce
Please note that in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, The Museums Association’s offices in London are closed and all staff will be working remotely until further notice. Our phones are diverted and systems are online so our operations should not be significantly affected.

During this closure period we will be unable to receive and send post, so please do not send your joining or renewal forms by post. Please contact Emma Randall 020 7566 7830 to request an invoice or pay over the phone by card.

In these uncertain times your support of the museum sector through membership really does make a difference. The Museums Association does not receive any government funding and the vast majority of our resources are generated through membership. Your renewal allows us to continue supporting museums and those working in and with museums.

We support a vibrant network of institutional members across the UK and internationally. 

As a member, your organisation will receive a wide range of benefits, including free recruitment advertising, policy guidance, access to funding, and substantial discounts for your staff to take part in MA conferences, events and professional development courses.

Become a member 

Purchase or renew your membership online via the links below.


Please note that we can not accept payments via e-mail for security reasons. Any emails received with card details will be deleted. The quickest and most secure way to pay is online. Alternatively you can pay over the phone by calling 020 7566 7800.

Our institutional membership rates are based on the annual operating budget of your organisation to keep the MA open and accessible to museums of all sizes.  

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Benefits for your organisation

• free recruitment advertising on our website

• up to five copies of Museums Journal bi-monthly (in print only) *Printing of Museums Journal will resume in September 2020*
• free access to Museum Practice online for all your staff
• free policy reports and events
• direct representation on museum issues
• free ethical guidance 
• regional consultation on major issues
• copies of the code of ethics 
• advice and support from MA staff 
• free attendance for all your staff to members’ meetings held in your area of the UK (currently held online)

• free attendance at MA Webinars for all staff
• substantial discount for your staff to attend MA One Day Conferences and other events
• discounts on our publications
• free copy of the Museum Services Directory for your organisation

• substantial discount for your staff to attend the Annual Conference & Exhibition

*For 2020 The MA Annual Conference will be held online. It will be free to attend for all staff at member organisations. Details coming soon.
More about your benefits

Build your team

We now offer free recruitment advertising to our institutional members. As the go-to-place for sector recruitment, you can post vacancies on our site to reach our extensive network and attract the best staff for your organisation.    

Create new networks

Institutional membership gives your staff cheaper access to professional development schemes, events, seminars and our annual conference and exhibition.

Stay updated  

Our publications, online archives and website provide essential information to keep you in touch with the latest news, analysis, opinion and projects. 

Develop your practice

Through our publications, events and website, we bring together case studies and examples, so that you can learn from the latest work taking place in museums around the world.
Access funding

In the next year we will:
• award £1m of Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund grants
• offer up to 20 places on a scheme to help professionals in their mid-career develop new skills
• distribute a variety of small grants through the trusts and funds the MA administers

Influence policy  

We advocate on behalf of our members to governments, policy makers and funders at the highest levels in all four nations.