Facts and figures

Data and evidence to help you make the case for museums

The economy ...loves museums

Museums and galleries have not been immune from the impacts of the recession, but are still delivering impressive economic benefits thanks to increased tourism in the UK and an ever-growing public appetite for culture.

Further financial support for museums and galleries will be needed into the future to ensure this economic growth continues apace.

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Visitors ...love museums

UK museums and galleries are popular. Eight of the top ten visitor attractions in the UK are museums.

The UK has five of the top 20 most visited art museums in the world (more than any other country).

In a consumer survey, museums and galleries scored the highest satisfaction rating of any public service, leading to the conclusion that “investment in museums and galleries has paid off handsomely, with a world-class satisfaction rating”.

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Communities ...love museums

Museums can be a place to help shape community identity and bring different community groups together, a catalyst for regeneration through the creation of new venues and civic spaces, and a resource for developing the skills and confidence of members of those communities.

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Collections ...love museums

Museums collections are now being given the priority they deserve.

It is no longer acceptable to see strategic collections management as peripheral or solely administrative. Examples include partnership working, long-term loans, loans boxes to schools, large-scale rationalisation and disposal programmes, innovative outreach projects and the professional sharing of collections knowledge.

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Regions ...love museums

The Renaissance programme has significantly contributed to the transformation of non-national English museums whereby visitor numbers, access to collections and user satisfaction are at an all time high.

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Tourists ...love museums

Museums are a great British success story. They play a crucial role in the success of UK tourism, attracting millions of international and domestic visitors.

They showcase the best of the nation’s history and culture to the widest possible audiences. They captivate visitors with objects that tell the stories of the world and offer a sense of place.

A golden period of sustained investment has seen museums improve their visitor offer and attract ever-greater numbers of tourists through their doors. Through the money they spend these museum visitors deliver economic benefits to local economies.

Museums are good for business. “Cultural and heritage attractions are very definitely a cornerstone of Britain’s tourism offer and are experienced by tens of millions of Britons each year from all walks of life and parts of the country.

It is therefore essential that not only are these ‘products’ maintained, cared for and further developed, but also that they continue to offer the visitor value for money and a quality experience.” VisitBritain

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