People's History Museum launches programme exploring migration

A series of online events will include discussions, tours and workshops

Museums gear up for virtual VE Day commemorations

The lockdown has disrupted plans to commemorate the event’s 75th anniversary, but it is hoped that online initiatives can encourage mass participation

Tate launches drive to make displays more inclusive

Public invited to critique language and perspective of interpretation texts

MA launches Collections 2030

Long-term view of purpose and use of collections

It's time we took industrial action

Report on industrial heritage reveals issues relating to funding and skills

Dealing with controversial subjects is a sensitive issue

Museums displaying historical objects with contentious stories have to tread carefully

The appliance of science

Science centres will need to engage diverse audiences

Mining museums look to the future

The closure of the UK’s last deep-coal mine will necessitate a rethink
of the role of mining museums


Why we should not be afraid of politics


Socially engaged practice is way ahead


Confronting the legacy of the British Empire


Our heritage should be for everyone

Trendswatch - book clubs

Museums are starting a new chapter in an attempt to engage more people with their collections

International opening - The Legacy Museum, Alabama

This important new museum was created out of a wider campaign to confront the legacy of slavery, lynching and segregation in the US

Being Brunel, SS Great Britain, Bristol

A museum on the life and work of the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Museum of...

The National Poo Museum, Isle of Wight

On my bookshelf

Interpreting Our Heritage, by Freeman Tilden

On my bookshelf

Titus Groan, by Mervyn Peake


Science Museums in Transition

On my bookshelf

Postcard Stories, by Jan Carson

Creating the New Western Australian Museum

Process has involved extensive dialogue with audiences and stakeholders

Naming nature

Taxonomy at the Natural History Museum

Your brain on art

How your brain responds when you walk into a museum

Heavy industry

Interpreting industrial heritage in the 21st century

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